Our creative director Joe Treacy started Treacyfaces® in 1984, with a dream.
To harness and leverage the new world of desktop computing power to create the finest typefaces the graphic arts and design communities have ever had available. To deliver on the promise of exquisitely crafted letterforms plus natural fit. So that when the graphic designer or production artist started composing, everything would
TITLE: TFFOREVER®THIN. TEXT: TFFOREVER TWO LIGHT WITH MEDIUM. LETTERFORMS ARE FROM (RED) TFAVIAN, (OLIVE) TFFOREVER, (PURPLE) TFARROW, (PINK) TFHÔTELMODERNE, (TEAL) TFSIENA. ART ©2005 WILL TREACY basically set itself with what Joe calls true graphic arts quality. Often wished for but elusive at the time, that magic combination was virtually unheard of except sometimes in photo-set headline type. Joe knew it could be accomplished. Starting from scratch, Joe showed the world singlehandedly how it was done. No shortcuts. And with new and original type designs quite unlike anything seen before. By 1989, when a popular electronic publishing magazine editor declared that “Joe knows type,” Treacyfaces had already captivated the design world with his startlingly new TFForever,® TFHabitat® and TFBrynMawr® type families. He was just getting started. Recognized for his attention to detail, bringing tactile emotion to every supple curve, Treacyfaces took the rare opportunity in 1995 to add, shepherd and nurture the venerable Headliners type library so well loved since it burst onto the scene in the 1950s. Together, the combined font collection is more vibrant than ever and emerges as a dynamo of typographic creativity called Treacyfaces, perhaps the most versatile and functional global type resource since the advance of moveable type 550 years earlier. As they say, “Joe knows type." Joe has created, drawn, digitized and fitted over 500 Treacyfaces fonts released and currently being finalized. His creations include the TFForever,® TFHabitat,® TFAvian™ and TFBrynMawr® type families. The TFBrynMawr font family was Joe’s first commercial success. First conceived in 1976 as a single weight drawn in India ink on bristol board, it was reworked continually into six varieties and then eight. It was finally digitized and released publicly in 1984. Like TFAvian, TFForever and TFHabitat, many major publishing productions have developed their graphic designs, page layouts and jackets around it. Please consider Treacyfaces fonts and their true graphic arts quality for your work.

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