Looking for a new look? Consider Treacyfaces® fonts. They’re trusted and in constant use commercially at many thousands of businesses worldwide. There are many reasons for wanting new fonts. Perhaps you’ve realized that you’ve outgrown built-in system fonts. You’re tired of using what ‘everybody’ uses. You know deep down that in order to be competitive, you need font choices that go above and beyond. To evoke the visual sense of copywriting far better than anything in your Font menu now. It’s for all these reasons and countless more that your peers choose Treacyfaces commercial fonts every day. Now, self-service ordering and expanded license management is easier than ever! Bookmark Treacyfaces.com and start improving your layouts by adding more TF font selections to your Font menu today.
Secure ordering and fast downloads help you meet deadlines in style. TFBRYN MAWR LIGHT

How to order: It's as easy as 1-2-3....




First, determine whether you require OpenType® format fonts, or Web Fonts formats for Web Design, or both OpenType and Web Fonts.




The +ADD TO CART buttons follow row under row, directly under each of the font format options. A complete description of what you're adding to the cart is listed under each +ADD TO CART button. Double check your selections. There are no refunds or exchanges except in the case of defective software.


Click the +ADD TO CART button corresponding to the Treacyfaces Font Family or pre-grouped set you're licensing.


When you click the +ADD TO CART button, you'll next see the shopping cart page for the item you’ve selected. In Example 2 below, the Quantity field is set to 1 for a Basic License covering up to 5 seats or users at your location.


To add seats or users, change the Quantity field. For Extended Licenses and Enterprise Licenses covering more than the Basic licensing of 5 Users or Seats provided in the default cart purchasing options, see complete instructions at our ADD page. Best practices: Always select based on the actual installation and usage needs for your firm. We encourage legal compliance, and naturally reserve the right to audit licenses at any time. Please consult the EULA document you’ll receive upon ordering.


To change the amount of seats or users and see a revised total, simply select the value in the Quantity field, type a new value, and click the Update button.


To start over at any time and clear the cart, simply click Remove this Item link just under the Quantity field. The item will be emptied from your cart, as seen in Example 3 below. Click the Continue Shopping button to continue browsing and selecting purchases at Treacyfaces.com.


To clear your entire current cart, be sure to click the Remove this Item link for each item in your current cart.

A cleared cart item is shown in Example 3 below.


You’ll find ordering and adding to Treacyfaces Licensing is very fast and easy when you simply follow the instructions above. If you have questions, please initiate a discussion using the slide-out at left. Click the ? tab. We will be pleased to assist you.


                                 Example 1 at right uses the TFZacron

                                               font family’s ordering console.

Example 2

Does your Font menu look like this, full of Treacyfaces? No? Well, no wonder you’re cranky. It’s so easy to fix.

Payment options:

- Any valid credit card you are authorized to use, works.

- Your PayPal® account works.

- You do not need to use a PayPal credit card.

- Order session security is via PayPal, one of the world's largest and most secure processing centers.


Please use the slide-out

Customer Service tab at

left to send questions. 

Click the ? tab. We will be

pleased to assist you and

pledge your full satisfaction

with our world renowned,

authentic Treacyfaces®

branded fonts.


Web Fonts: If you are

upgrading an older, print-

only license, consider the

extra savings of including

Treacyfaces Web Fonts

to your order.


Treacyfaces fonts are

available as Web Fonts


Web Fonts are subject to

the same number of Users

restrictions. With our 

Treacyfaces Web Fonts, you can host the Web Fonts right at your client's web site along with the other site files. We also include a sample CSS file to get you started. If you don't happen to see the Treacyfaces fonts you're interested in listed here yet, please contact us to obtain authentic, officially licensed Treacyfaces Web Fonts.


If you have questions, check out our FAQ page. Or simply  initiate a discussion using the slide-out at left. Click the ? tab and send us a message. Thanks very much for your interest in Treacyfaces True Graphic Arts Quality fonts.


Try them and you’ll see...it’s typographic magic!

Payment forms


No purchase orders or

checks, except from


recognized accounts.

Web Fonts solely for

Web Serving (non-Print)

OpenType  and  Web Fonts 

Contains both sets of fonts.

OpenType fonts for

General Printing (non-Web)


Complete Set for Print:




TFZacron A Complete Set

OpenTypeCFF (.otf) 010900 Varieties: 4

Light, Black, Light Alternates, Black Alternates.

Complete Set for Web:




TFZacron A Complete Set  Web Fonts (.woff, .eot, .svg, .ttf)010900W Varieties: 4

Light, Black, Light Alternates, Black Alternates.

Complete Set for Print & Web:




TFZacron A Complete Set  Both Print and Web Licenses. .woff, .eot, .svg,

.ttf, .otf 010900A Varieties: 4

Light, Black, Light Alternates,

Black Alternates.

Individual Font:




TFZacron Light & Light Alternates

OpenTypeCFF (.otf) 010901 Varieties: 1

Individual Font:




TFZacron Light & Light Alternates

Web Fonts (.woff, .eot, .svg, .ttf) 002601W Varieties: 1

Individual Font:




TFZacron Light & Light Alternates

Both Print and Web Licenses. .woff,

.eot, .svg, .ttf, .otf 002601A Var: 1

As seen at right, on each Treacyfaces.com font family page, the license purchase selections are arranged by complete family options first. The selection button groups are arranged as follows:

Left: Select OpenType CFF for Print only.

Center: Select the Web Fonts version.

Right: Select the combined set of OpenType CFF for Print plus our complete Web Fonts set!


At the bottom of each Treacyfaces.com font family page are A-Z  specimens of each available variety.


If you only currently need the OpenType CFF version, compatible with both Mac® and PC/Windows®, you can simply click on a showing to go right to the OpenType license purchase cart screen and complete the purchase and receive your download.

Individual Font:




TFZacron Black & Black Alternates  

OpenTypeCFF (.otf) 010902 Varieties: 1

Individual Font:




TFZacron Black & Black Alternates  

Web Fonts (.woff, .eot, .svg, .ttf) 002603W Varieties: 1

Individual Font:




TFZacron Black & Black Alternates  

Both Print and Web Licenses. .woff,

.eot, .svg, .ttf, .otf 002603A Var: 1

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